UCM6204 overwrites my extensions setting when I edit them


When I attempt to edit extensions (we have about 40 extensions) on UCM6204 the existing settings are almost instantly overwritten with new Sip password , Voicemail Password and Auth ID. This is most annoying, as we have to manually rewrite the correct ones. I cannot find why this is happening. I have zero config disabled, as I thought this might be the originator of the problem. Any advice to stop this phenomenon happening would be appreciated.


first of all, how exactly do you change the settings of the sip extensions?


In Zero Config you can do it on an extension base / handset template / global template

You can download PCode information to be able to granularly alter the telephone / device end points to your liking.


Check it out in that file for your devices.


In the phones, not the UCM, what is listed as the config server?