UCM6204 - How to properly record calls into an external HDD?




I have started working with Grandstream systems rather recently. I do not know everything about it, but enough to make it operational and set up extensions, trunk lines, etc. I have a UCM6204 and a client is asking to have the calls be recorded. From what I understand, you need a place where the recorded calls can be stored. Usually this is an external HDD or maybe some NAS solution, correct?

I just want to proceed carefully here as it is my first time, and I could not find any guide online for this, so I have a few questions:

  1. Can it be an external USB SSD Drive? Or it MUST be an external HDD/USB Stick?
  2. Is there any max capacity in terms of storage? i.e if I get a 2TB external HDD, will it cause issues as the UCM6204 supports 1TB maximum?
  3. So I can just get a WD 1TB External HDD (MyPassport), plug it into the USB port, enable the setting within the UCM (and I think within the IP phone as well?), and it will work?
  4. In case of any failure to record due to some issue (HDD failed/was removed), will there be info in the logs? What about an alert of some kind?

Please let me know.



here you can find the documentation and the answers to your questions,
obviously the UCM630x series would have more “settings” at many levels compared to UCM620x


For UCM630x series:

Assistance Grandstream: