UCM6204 Call Forward Busy


Hello friends!
I can enable “Call Forward Busy”
Wen exension 1009 is busy the call go to voicemail. Although call is must go to extension 1001


you may need to disable call waiting on the phone for that to work.


yes, it is work!
Thank You!


Sorry to bring it up, I tried to a 6204 with 2170 device. Settings at ucm are like the photo you posted ( only change is i am set the forward destination to a ring group and not an extension ) . At 2170 ( version ) I set the settings-call features- disable call waiting : to yes ( default was no ). When I am testing it the second call get the busy prompt message and cancel the call. Any ideas?


Please open this issue as a new topic.
I would check if you can forward to anything other than the ring group with any success.

I am closing this thread as it was resolved.