UCM6202 with 2 Analog Lines



i need help as i cant seem to find out how to solve this issue.

i have a UCM6202 with 2 separate analog lines now each line is individual also each line is only allowed to receive calls as well make calls using the own line so line 1 can only call out line 1 and line 2 only can use line 2 to call in and out.
calling in is not an issue but calling out how can i force each line to use itself to call out? i guess its an easy problem but i just cant see it …



The issue lacks a little explanation as “line 1 can only call out line 1”, is not possible. A line is a line and extensions are the endpoints that make and take the calls as they are received by the lines.

If you are trying to make it such that only a given extension can use a given line, then there are two ways -

  1. Use enable filter on source caller ID in the outbound rules. Select the extensions you want to use a given trunk and then select the trunk they should use.

  2. Use a prepend in the dial string. Set up trunk 1 and use a dial pattern like 8XXXXXXXX and then set up trunk 2 with a dial pattern like 9XXXXXXXX. The 8 and 9 are used to tell the system which line/trunnk to use based upon what is dialed at the extension. You will need to strip 1 in the rule so that the UCM will remove the 8 or 9 when passing the dial string to the line. The XXXXXX represents the pattern of the number to be dialed. You can use use the dial plan definitions to refine the string to make it more or less complex to meet your pattern needs.



thank you for your reply,

i am aware of both solutions thought the first one did not work properly and it just would use the first line and not the second line when using the the second line.

this is a simple setup where only this 2 analog lines and this 2 analog phones are connected no other extensions (we use the ucm for call recording as its mandatory for the service they provide and the numbers need to retain, thus its like 2 single analog channel they will not transfer calls just make and get calls using the respective line.)

the second solution would be my least favorite option as that would mean the operators would need to press an additional number or can i auto prepend? i think i can then this would do the trick…

Defining Outbound Route

Both solutions definitely work if the rules are set correctly.

If you made an entry into the extension settings in the UCM for callerID, then you have changed the source caller ID and the first solution will not function.

You would need to modify the dial plan in each phone such that on one phone it prepends a 8, the other phone a 9, but I fear the dial plan would become unwieldy with the various patterns you might need.

Prepend adds a digit to the dial string that is sent to the provider. You need to have the digit added before it reaches the UCM so the UCM will see it and then know which trunk and can then strip the added digit before sending on to the provider.


Hello Marco…

Hello the easy way to accomplish it is by creating one extension group for each extension.

Then configure Outbound Rules for each extensions…
You can associate each extension with its rule by enabling Filter on Source Caller ID and selecting an extension group(one group by extension)
in rule settings you must select the appropiated trunk to go out…

You have to create Inbound Rules for each analoge trunks and select the appropiated extension in Default Destination.



Hello Marcodc
Lets see if I understand. What do you want to do is that one inmate uses one line and the other one always?
If so, you can create an exit route to call anywhere, _X. Activate the source filter of Caller iD, put one of the internal filters and then decide which trunk to use.
You make another rule equal but with the other internal and the other line and ready.
I hope it helps you.