UCM6202 what is the backup path for tar file?


I moved a couple PC’s that might’ve had a ucm6200 backup file. Accidentally, I hit factory reset thinking it was reboot, so I need to restore my backup file. I backed up my UCM several times ‘locally’, I’m sure. But I can’t locate the file, with a .tar extension. On three PC’s I did a search for .tar file, and backup*.tar; and backup*.* - no luck.

To restore the file I need, is it a tar file? If so, where does the UCM put that file (what’s the local path)? If I locate the file, is it as easy as uploading a tar file? Lastly, not sure which PC was used to login to browser, so I’m going to all three, are there log files that would show this information, quickly at-a-glance?


When you factory reset a system it wipes any stored configuration and backups to before the system was touched - thats why its called a factory reset.

A backup is usually stored as a name like the “date” "time"then the wording “backup.tar”

So perhaps use *.backup.tar as the search criteria to see if you can find it on one of the computers.

Otherwise you will need to program it from scratch.


Thanks for reply. I did try a couple searches:


Seems like there would be “a specific path” the UCM saves the file to. i would image it’s set somewhere in the application. I’ve scoured the help sections, every PDF I can find, I’ve looked at as many forum replies as I can find here, I’ve googoled multiple questions.

I just don’t see the default path. Again, odd it’s not documented, or noted somewhere. Just seems to me it’s a set path, ostensibly a standard across all UCM’s. I’m wondering if the backup file is stored in the UCM, and not the PC, albeit you upload it to your PC w/restore, if so, perhaps the factory reset wipes it out - if so, that’s a total bummer.

I have a feeling you’re right, I might simply have to start from scratch. Yikes.


If memory internal then it is wiped.

they should look like this


So is ‘local’ memory internal, meaning that file is stored on the UCM? Are you saying the file isn’t stored on a PC, e.g., from browser “save”? I’m just setting up again, and I just saved backup, but I don’t see it on PC. I see the backup_date_.tar, but it isn’t saving to PC (or at least I don’t think so).

If I click to upload the file (restore), I can see it. I wish I could verify if that file saves to a PC anywhere when you hit backup. I wonder if the developer group would know.


the only way to save it on pc is to download it … so id suggest to start from scratch and rebuild it to how you want it - back up and download the file instead of leaving it just on the system.


Hello Scottsip,

I apologize if I’m asking this incorrectly. You mention “the only way to save it to PC is to download it.” Hoping I’m not misunderstanding download, or it’s semantics, but download here seems to be “upload.” Even as I’m right now setting up UCM, I just clicked “download,” it doesn’t save to PC from browser. Does it for you? However, if I click “upload” I can put in on PC (browses to a path you choose).

Am I saying this right? It’s not download (to PC), rather, you have to “upload” file to a PC (w/backup_date_.tar). Is that correct?

Again, not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I think this is a very important distinction not just for me, but anyone who mistakenly thinks that file is backed up on a PC when you hit “backup.” Every time I hit backup I thought it went to my PC, and thought backing up my PC was due diligence. Lastly, key here, I’d point out to anyone if your UCM hardware crashes, it’s good to know it’s not recoverable if that file is locally saved on the UCM.

As always, thanks for looking and helping,



Hi Ronald,

It isnt downloaded… You can backup the UCM which is locally on the UCM. Once the backup has completed you can then download the file. Upload means just that from you to the UCM so that you can restore the UCM to a backed up state.

So - UCM --> Back up (locally on UCM) --> then once the “Back up” completes you can then download it locally to a PC, and only then.

Also once you have backed up the UCM you can restore it to that state by - “Upload” button and then using a locally stored file on your PC.


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Just sharing; I always run the backup (automatic) to a USB memory stick/HDD or SDCard which I install on the UCM. If you factory reset (or if the device dies) the backup is always accessible as long as you have access to the unit.

Of course, it is always best to download a copy of the backup to an off-site device as well.


Hopefully not, The manual seems pretty clear about the backup functionality and where a backup can be stored and how retrieved as well as using an external repository with data sync. Local means on the device upon which the data is being derived, not upon the device invoking the function.

Storing locally is asking for a disaster (as you have discovered) as the storage capability is limited and should the UCM become defective or you factory reset, the data is unrecoverable.

Use of an SD card is my preference as the write/read speed is far faster than with a USB. I also have some set to data sync with a NAS, but not everyone has one. Nevertheless, you should make use of whichever is your preference USB or SD.