UCM6202 SIP Trunk - voice quality call in or out = poor



Recent Deployment of 2 Sip Trunk under 1 x UCM6202. User feedback that time to time the voice quality call in / or , poor as if the voice is distorted.

we tried to disable and enable the SIP trunk and it resume as per normal. Could it be PBX issues or the SIP Trunk problems.

Apparently we apply all several project with same setting, no issues for others…
However for this one and only UCM6202 have such problem.

Hope to get a tips from the Pros. Cheers~

  1. Set trunk for Only PCMA/U (this will allow 2, also it will remove poor quality codecs).
  2. Catch call, listen to voice\analyse it.

Distorted can be codec quality problem, poor internet (delay) or low quality received from provider. If you do not have problem with internal calls then this 3 can be a problem mainly.


hmm… have set to the need, and lets observe for a week.
Keep you posted.