UCM6202 Ring simultaneously Extention and Cell Phone


Hi all,

What I 've trying to do is when someone calls my internal extension 1005 , that my cell phone and my internal phone rings simultaneously.

@ edit extension 1005 / features page.
I’ve enabled the ring simultaneously option and insert my external number
If I call 1005 from an other internal number ,my internal sip phone lights up showing the caller but no ring and instantly the display goes back to black and after 2 sec my cell phone is ringing?

Does someone also have this issue? Or is there someone with a sollution?

I don’t want to use the wave GS wave app to fix this. to extend the battery lifetime of my cell phone :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


for the quickest solution for you, set up a Ring Group for ext’ 1005 + your cellphone .
please notice that you should add your phone to the LDAP Phonebook for this operation.


To me it sounds like perhaps the internal SIP may have DND enabled locally. A phone can have DND enabled as can the PBX for the extension. If the phone is set to DND, then the PBX has no knowledge of this and will send an INVITE to the phone when a call comes in. The phone will see the INVITE and may chirp (start to ring) and wake from screen save, but will then revert back to its former state after realizing the DND condition.

When using a cell and with any ring simultaneous condition, they will never be truly simultaneous as the system has to dial out and then your cell carrier has to locate your phone., which takes some amount of time.

You might want to examine find me, follow me as this will ring your desk phone first and allow you to answer it before it elects to go to the cell phone. I prefer this as it averts both phones from ringing while I am in the office at my desk.


Hi all

I have it to work.
The problem is that is doesn’t work with just analoge trunk.
When I set up my Voip Trunk it works just fine.

Thanks all for the response