UCM6202 multiple unique Onhold messages for two unique ring groups with different incoming phone numbers


I could be wrong. I have so many times before. I didn’t see the initial question get answered. I did read through this very quickly and could have missed it.

You want two different on hold music options for both companies. No problem. You can do this.

Go to PBX Settings -> Music On Hold, and click Add.


The name should be the name of business one. The sort by could be random or by name (the system will play the files alphabetically). I prefer random but, both have a use.

Do that again, this time, name the group the second businesses name. You don’t absolutely have to do this. It’s just nicer in the long run to have the organization where you can pick MOH biz 1 or biz 2 rather than biz 1 and default.

Then, to populate the music files.

Click the drop down…

Select the business you want to work on (eg. Name of business 1).
Upload the songs / files you want to play for business one.

Save and apply.

Do the same thing for Name of business 2.

Moving to the ring groups. Call Features -> Ring Groups, click on the ring group for Name of business 1, under Ring Group Options -> Music on Hold, click on the drop down and change to Name of business 1.

Save and apply.

Do the same thing for the other ring group.

I hope that helps!

I think there are some other questions in this thread. I’m going to go back, read through and answer in another post.


There’s a second question about placing a call on hold.

There’s a couple ways to accomplish this. @lpneblett is correct, you need to start by defining ranges for the UCM to use under Call Features -> Parking Lot.

The default range is 701 - 720 which is way to many for most of the small businesses I work with. So, limit that to something more resonable. That “resonable” number depends on you. However, I might setup 701 through 709 and 710 to 719 and so on as needed. Totally up to you.

Once you’ve defined your parking lots. Edit Business name 1. You’ll see the Music on Hold Playlists is set to Default, change that to business name 1.

Do the same thing for Business Name 2.

When you program the Monitored Call Park, label the call park button for business one something easy, kind of depends on the model of phone you’ve got and the number of characters you can see. HOLD 1 - BIZ 1 or whatever works for you.

EDIT (I missed an important point):

When you program the Monitored Call Park Buttons, you need to set the appropriate value. If biz 1 is using 701, and you’re programing the hold button for biz one, then use a value of 701.

So, in case I glossed over it. You should easily be able to setup different classes of MOH for the ring groups and the Hold Buttons.


missed the second post in? :slight_smile: The question was ‘Is it possible?’


James -

I missed the point of the initial post until RichardW set me straight. The initial post and desire was for the call to go to a different ring group per company (OK, no problem). Then he was hoping that once answered by a RG member, that should the member place the call on-hold, the caller would hear a specific message for the given company. The music on hold per company as set for the RG, only plays that track when the call is being delivered to the RG instead of ring. It does not play at any point following once the call is answered.

The parking lot is the only way.