UCM6202 Model Update list empty after firmware update and hard-reset


I have the following problem. We’ve installed an UCM6202 PBX and everything was working fairly fine, then we’ve updated the firmware to the latest version (following the instructions of flashing previous version before the latest), but the SIPs stopped registering and we had some other problems as well, so we had to factory reset he PBX. So far so good, “all” works fine now, except that the Model Update list is empty. Not a problem, but we have 5 (and well be few more) GXP1760 extensions that we can’t configure because there’s no model “definitions” in the PBX and we can’t configure them properly. What should be done?


You should first check and see if the UCM has Internet connectivity. I believe that it downloads this listing as it is oftentimes changes given that new model are introduced and there really isn’t any user intervention required to get the list. To get the template yes, but not the list.

If the UCM has Internet connectivity, I suppose the server could have been or be down. You can either wait or possibly reboot the device and see what happens. In any event the UCM needs Internet.


Check that your UCM’s DNS settings are correct and that it can get to/from the Internet. Depending on how your UCM is connected to the ITSP, this is probably the problem area.


Well, I’m currently out of town and I have access to the PBX from the outside world. But if there’s a way to check if the PBX itself has access from inside (I mean like function to ping an outside host or something) where to find it. The extensions are in the same VLAN and they all have access (updated the firmware on all of them from the Grandstream server), the network is configured for all of them to have access to the internet. What else can I do?


Edit 2:
That’s the IP of the GS firmware server:


Looks to me like you have a DNS issue. The first two traces were not resolving.


Yeah, but the thing is, that’s the link I’ve set on the extensions, and they all connected and updated, and they use the same DNS.


The phones normally resolve via IP when using Zero Config. Take a look at one of the phones; does it show the SIP server as an IP or FQDN?


IP, think all data should be coming from the DHCP server and the PBX initializes them with IP address to connect to.

Edit:I don’t have access to the extensions from the outside.


Model server is not firmware.grandstream.com.
Do you have restricted network ?


I was just using i as an example.
What do you mean by “restricted network”?


Control access on router.
Example means nothing (only that you can reach example address), you need check exact address that UCM search.


Sure, what’s the address then?