UCM6202 hacked and Admin account has been deleted


i Have UCM 6202 HW ver 1.4A , firmware updated one month ago
since 3 days ago and i cant login to it using admin account , i did try to recover it using forget password i received message the username doesn’t exist , i have the email configuration and when i recover the password of any other extension /usename it recovered successfully and a new password sent by email

what are the possibility now to recover the admin account ? is the factory reset get back the configuration and the admin account will be exist or what ?

the system are currently up and running , i’m afraid if i reset to factory now i lost everything and cant find the user admin to login the system

kindly advise


You can try ask GS to investigate if you suspect hacking.There is security patch in latest beta.


unless you need to change anything - leave it as it is… just dont expect the system not to be hacked again… id suggest to reset it and change the firewall router…because it is letting people in to gain access to the admin account…