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Greetings to everybody ,

After many attempts to connect grand stream to a NAS for storage recording (SMB)
I couldn’t get it done .Even tho i can backup files (SFTP), if anyone has any suggestions or had any success please let me know.
Manuals don’t help that much either.

Thanks in advance.


SMB 1, usually it is off on NAS


SMB1 and what NAS make and model? SMB1 is deprecated and not used much anymore, but you need to check.

Marcin beat me to the punch:smiley:


I checked all the needed requirements from the previous posts. SMB1 is enabled ofcourse




How do you have the settings applied on the UCM? Does it show Status as “available”


“Specify the name of the shared folder” page 328 of the manual

I had tried it and it worked, if I remember correctly must put the path and the shared folder, if you find the solution write it here, thanks


I’m also trying to setup my NAS and i can’t. Can you please upload an example about how you’ve filled the path details of “Shared name” field?

My NAS can be reached in “” so that’s how i filled the Host field.
To “Share name” i added the path as my NAS gives this to me if i go to properties of the folder i need to save my recordings. SMB1 is enabled on my NAS. Status remains unavailable and i’m pretty sure it’s something i’ve written wrong to the fields.

Here is a capture of my PBX NAS tab:

Any help would be nice!


try to create a short and simple path on the nas (only for test) and start from there


It is a simple path. Isn’t it?


was just a suggestion, “short” in the sense without too many ramifications


I am just guessing here, but what you have entered is a path, not a share name. It is asking for the share name.


I don’t understand what exactly i need to enter. Is it possible to have a screenshot example?


I do not have a NAS.

An example would be in Windows where you might share a directory c:\shares\myfiles\david and give it a share name of share-david. In this case what is asked for is share-david and not c:\shares\myfiles\david.


I am using a Qnap NAS -

My log in port is 8080, but as the file trasnsfer is at SMB1, a port is not needed as is akin to FTP in that it will take the credentials on the same port as being used for the protocol transfer type

Settings -

The absolute share file path is:


What file system is the share formatted in?


If asking me -ext4