UCM6202 - Forwarding inbound calls to outside cell phone


Have a customer who wants to forward her inbound calls to her cell phone when not at her desk. Forwarding works internally, but how can we adjust the system so an inbound call can be automatically forwarded to an external phone?


Forwards on a phone only forward directly dialed calls. Thus a call coming to that phone via call queue or ring group will be ignored. This is by design to prevent a single user from essentially hijacking your calls.

If there is only one person wanting to use this feature in this way I will often use multi inbound mode to accomplish this option.

There are multiple ways to do it, but essentially you just point the inbound route to the cell number using the alternate mode. You can even put a speed dial button on the phone to monitor which way it is set to.


Thanks, but i still need to be able to forward to different outside numbers at different times of day. The user does not have access to the phone system. is there a workaround?


You can do that I believe using Specific Time and Features on extension settings but as @lstutesman points out it won’t work with calls from a ring group or a queue.


Then you use multi inbound mode to point the calls straight to the extension rather than the group.
From there you can put any forward on the designated phone and it should work.

It just becomes a 2 step process rather than 1 step.


I tried your suggestion, but it still didn’t work. Did I set something wrong? Do you have any other suggestions to make this work?


I would need to see how you configured it to confirm.
Screenshots would work.

Multi inbound mode settings enabled.
Inbound route with multi inbound mode active and going straight to extension
extension forwarded out to external number with high enough permissions to handle the route.

start with a SS of the CDR log that shows what the call did.