UCM6202 Doesn't work with Axis Door Station


hi All,

I have a UCM6202 Appliance and have set it up to work in my grandstream environment in lieu of freepbx. While I like the UCM itself I am having issues Getting an Axis 8105-E Door Station to work correctly with it. If I set the door station to call a group the phones ring once then instantly hang up. if I set it up for paging/intercom it will ring until a phone picks up, but after a phone pickls up it keeps ring on the remainder of the phones for quite some time. I tried setting this up on freepbx and it works fine, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Thank you in advance


The only way to figure this out is to do a network capture of the data for the different issues. In this manner, we can see the messages being sent between the AXIS-UCM-PHONES and determine how to correct.

You did not indicate the phone/make/model/firmware nor the firmware on the 6202.


I have ask Axis door stations configured with UCM’s without issue; in my setups the axis door stations coll ring group without issue. Can you provide more detailed information on your exact configuration of the Axis Door phone, etc.


so the UCM6202 has the latest firmware on it as well as the Axis doorstation has the latest firmware on it. the phones are the 2160, 2170, 3240s, 1450.

what info do you need from the axis doorstation


Let’s start with these screen shots from the Axis:

  • VoIP -> Overview

  • VoIP -> SIP Settings (and tell me what the default Codec is on the UCM for that extension please)

  • Events -> Recipients

Can you also provide the IP of the UCM, the extension number for the Axis door phone, and the Ring Group extension number.


Thank you. give me a few minutes and ill post those :slight_smile: thanks for responding





Page Group is 9000




The address for the UCM_PAGE_ALL should be sip:9000@


Click the Allow Incoming SIP calls if you wish to be able to call out to the door phone from within the system.


so I tried with the page/intercom group all the phones rang, however I picked one up and they all kept ringing. I switched to a ring group and they ring for half a second and then disconnect. setting it back to page’/intercom now and will let you know if it works this time or not.


Still does the same thing. If I set it to dial to a certain phone and one phone only then it works fine. its when its calling a group of phones its having issues.


I have it calling a Ring Group without issue.


@drostoker ill give it another shot. im going to default my UCM and start from scratch and see how it goes


Okay so I got the ring group figured out. Apparently you dont want any spare extensions in the the ring group that are not in use. otherwise it seems some non working extension is picking up. Once I eliminated all the non working extensions from the group it processed perfectly. One last question; is there a way to get the video and audio to pipe into an extension that is assigned to a smart phone?


I think you can only do that is you are using a softphone directly registered to the UCM.


I am trying it now with the Bria app. Lets see if it works. Wife wants the doorbell to behave like the old ring did. She said the GS was ugly. I didnt think so and it was alot cheaper then the axis


In my iPhone Bria app, video calling is a$4 add-on.

AFAIR, you may wish to try GS Wave which includes video calling.


is wave a smartphone app?