UCM6202 combined with GXV3240 / DP750 strange Outbound Call Behaviour



I just finished my initial configuration of named components.
Base is UCM6202 with IP-Trunk (Germany)
Main Phone is a GXV3240.
Mobile Phones are two DP720 @ DP750.

I have outbound and inbound Routes, but calling out is working instantly for the GXV, while it lasts about 20 seconds if I call an external number with one of the mobile phones until the target rings.

The CDR of the call says 20 seconds if I hang up directly.

Any ideas where I can start? I think I compared all extension settings and SIP settings, but probably missed something :frowning:

Edit: just tested it again with the GXV. Also a Delay. With only the GXV attached there was no delay. With 3 extensions there is.


I would try calling a cell phone and confirm if the other end rings immediately or not regardless of hearing it correctly on the GXV or DP.
This would let you know if it is an audio issue or a signalling issue.

A packet capture would show more as well.


I did. It doesn’t ring immediately. It rings after 20 seconds (± 2 seconds).

The CDR says call duration 20 seconds.


That tells me that there is a signalling delay somewhere. Packet capture should reveal it.