UCM6202 change of extension number possible



is it possible to change the extension number from
example 2000 to 2032 ?
I cant find a way, but may be Im a little bit shortsighted

Thanks a lot for short answer

Winfried Bernartz


AFAIK, there is no way to change the extension number once created. You can add the new extension along with the pertinent details for same and then delete the old.

You could also try and download the extensions and then alter the desired extension number in the file. You would then delete the old extension in the UCM and then upload the file having the new number. However, there are likely some associations that will not carry across from one extension to the other which are not a part of the file - voice mails being one such attribute.

You can try this, but suggest you do a system backup prior in case there are issues afterwards. You will need to re-provision the phone as it will still have the old attributes and may end up blacklisted.

I have not tried this as I have not had a need to change an extension number.


exporting and importing is the easiest way but if its just one extension delete and recreate it. Just be aware that if you delete an extension you will lost voicemails and that extension will be removed from any ring groups, queues, IVR etc of which its a part


Thanks a lot guys, so i dont need to waste any more time for that. i will delte the extension und reconfigure it.

Winfried Bernartz


simple solution (first make a backup).
Download the csv file of the current extensions, modify the file extension as you like (2000 -> 2030 example) and reload the file. First of course delete the old numbers,