UCM6202 and Portech GSM gateway


we are having some trouble setting up a Portech MV-372 GSM gateway with our UCM6202.
Previously it was working with an asterisk based PBX but now i don’t know what type of config i need for the UCM.
Can someone give me some advice on what kind of trunk i need to make and how should i configure the Portech.

Thanks in advance


What was the configuration you used on Asterisk and what is the config you tried in your UCM?


This was the working configuration on asterisk. on the UCM i tried both peer trunk and registration trunk with no success.


Here is the working (with Asterisk) GSM configuration:


The first question is whether the GSM gateway is local to the UCM or remote. If remote, how connected to the UCM - VPN, open Internet, other?

The second question is how do you want to use the device as a trunk or as an extension?

It is a register trunk. You should only need the proxy server. The 372 is a two port GSM gateway.

Kindly show the settings you have established in the UCM for the gateway.


The GSM gateway and the UCM are on the same local network.
Second question i really don’t know thw the answer, i want to use it in any way it permits me to make in and out calls.
For the moment i have created an extension on the UCM and the gsm gate has registered correctly. Then i have created a peer trunk and an incoming route for that trunk. Here are the attachments:


Which- trunk or extension - makes a difference, as both can accommodate in/out calling.
Trunk - consider it as a telephone line
Extension - consider it as a telephone
A telephone cant make a call without a telephone line.

So, it you have some other form of a trunk, then conceivably it could be used as an extension. If you do not have a telephone line, then you probably want to use it as a trunk. This is most do.