UCM6202 and planet gateway VIP480


hello awesome people
i am trying to replace an old planet ip pbx with the ucm6202 … i made the error of not ordering the bigger ucm with 5 FXO so now i am stuck with the old planet gateway vip 480 with 4 FXO
the FXO is connected to a hybrid analog panasonic pbx
in the old planet pbx the gateway is just added by something called "gateway trunk " as show in the picture below and this is the dialing rule for it

how can i set it up in the ucm6202 ?

and this is the dialing rule for it


You are asking us how to set it up with none of the details of the UCM or other.

I assume the FXO lines are the same, so the only thing I can tell you is to go thru the device and wherever any Panasonic settings are found, change them to the equivalent UCM settings instead.


i will explain further
current system : planet pbx - > planet gateway with 4 fxo -> panasonic pbx
i am just replacing the planet pbx with the ucm6202 because it only has 2 fxo - so i will only have to connect the ucm to the planet gateway
ip of gateway is as shown in the picture - the config should only be done on the ucm as far as i know

what info do you need beside this ?!


No, sorry, there is some config required in the gateway as well and as stated.

The gateway also needs to know where and how to deliver a call when one comes in. Unless the gateway knows the IP of the UCM, and if you are using a peer or register trunk and to what extension (IVR, ring group, call queue, user, etc.) in the UCM you want the call to reach the gateway also needs some attention.

You should get the Planet manual and then compare to http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/configuring_ucm6xxx_with_gxw410x.pdf and make the necessary adjustments. The GXW is the same type of device.


the ucm will have the same ip and extensions and everything of the old pbx … so nothing should change .
i will check the manual , thank you


added a sip peer ( the ip og the planet gateway ) and an incoming route
works well


Great, and glad you got it working.


thank you boss your help is crucial to me
i am trying to understand the outbound and inboud rule patterns and i need your explanation please

ucm 1 : extensions starts with 400 to 499
ucm 2 : extensions starts with 100 to 199 and 200 to 299

i connected the two together with peer sip and now i want to setup the in and out rules on the ucm
inbound pattern should be : _4xx
outbound pattern should be : _[12xx]

correct ?!


Each UCM will need a set of inbound and outbound rules in order to allow calls between site extension.

If UCM A is using extensions in the 4XX range and UCM is using extensions in the 1XX and 2XX range, then
UCM A will need an outbound rule to allow for dialing 1XX and 2XX using the peer trunk to UCM B
UCM A will need an inbound rule to allow for 4XX from UCM B (peer trunk) using “by DID”

UCM B will need an outbound rule to allow for dialing 4XX using the peer trunk to UCM A
UCM B will need an inbound rule to allow for 1XX and 2XX from UCM A (peer trunk) using “by DID”

The extensions at both UCMs should not conflict with any other extension in the system. In other words, if you are trying to dial user extension 4XX from UCM B, there should not be any other extension of any type using the same 4XX extension. For example, If there is an IVR with extension 4XX in UCM B, the call will always go to the IVR rather than to the remote extension. The UCM will always try and match internal extensions before checking the outbound rules.


are these correct then ?! i am not sure how to write the pattern matching 2 extensions 1xx and 2xx


I have a peered UCM in a number of places and here is a screenshot of one showing how I am using the outbound rules to direct calls to the peer trunk:

In this case, anyone who dial 234X will go to Omaha
In this case, anyone who dial 235X will go to Omaha and etc.

Yours would look like