UCM6202 and 10 GXP1615 disable caller id for some extensions


Hello everyone,

I have been asked from one of my clients if there is a way to disable caller id from been displayed on the phones of some extensions. The installation is really simple and all works fine but the client has requested if it’s possible to not display any called id from any incoming call to 6 out of the 10 extensions. Have you heard anything like this? Is it doable and if yes do we configure it on the UCM somewhere or on the phones?

Thanks in advance.


if using zero config
P2324 = 1 or do in the web interface to disable on those that do not need it.


Hello this work fine on my installation when tested and to his,but then he wanted to have his 4 number extensions to be visible so i went to Accounts > Account 1 > Call Settings > Hide Remote User ID and add only those incoming numbers from 5 digits and above and it worked great.

Thanks again!!