UCM620* and GXP21** Internal Ring Tone


Is it possible to set a different ring tone for internal calls between handsets on the same premise vs calls incoming from the trunk?

Setup in general is UCM620* and GXP21** (usually 2170’s)
Have multiple customer sites where they want internal calls between offices to have different ring tone to incoming calls on their trunk.


This is what I do

This assumes that transfers show the CID from the person transferring and that incoming calls have normal CID

I add this to my list of PCodes that I implement for people that want it:

change ringtones for transfers
P1488 = xxxx(number of digits your extensions are)
P1489 = (1-3, pick the one you prefer-1 dictates the number)

This will keep regular calls ringing normally and transfers different.
A blind transfer will retain original caller ID in many cases and will not ring different
An assisted transfer will ring different every time.


Thats great, is there a way to set that in the GUI rather that by P-Codes?
What config items do those p-codes apply to?


Scratch that, just found it. Thanks.


will you share where you found it in the GUI, seems like most of my customers want this as well.