UCM6116 Does not respect the option of the IVR in an external call


Hi i have a problem with my UCM6116 when an external call comes in we, have configured a “speech” whit a option menu (for reception press 1, etc.) But the problem is when the extearnal call press the option, the UCM6116 don´t detect the option, the speech continuos whit the option menu and since an option is not detected, the call is terminated.

Any suggestions for this kind of problem?



This is a DTMF issue - usually at the callers end. What sort of incoming line do you have>? is it PSTN/ISDN/SIP/VoIP/SPS?


Hi, thanks for the answer, are four analog lines and my internal extensions are Voip


Have you set the fxo settings correctly ? the opermode and tone region are necessary then under interfaces analogue lines you need to look at that as well.