UCM6108 Outbound Route ID


I have just converted my Analog Trunks to VoIP Trunks. I have everything configured on the new platform except Outbound Route ID. According to the “How to Manage Inbound / Outbound Routes on UCM6xxx” manual, page 15, it mentions there should be an “Outbound Route CID” option to enter your VoIP telephone number. But the UCM6108 (firmware does not have this option.

I´ve tried programming “Direct Outward Dialing (DOD)” from the VoIP Trunks menu for specific extension. But the Caller ID that pops up the recipients phone remains the primary number.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do to get the Caller ID to show the corresponding trunk number?


under trunks ensure
Keep Original CID is not enabled
Keep trunk CID is not enabled

advanced settings DID mode is to header for incoming calls to ring that phone with that DID


what FW UCM6108?