UCM6104 changing WAN IP



hi all,
i have a UCM6104 installed with 3 phones running Peer SIP.
i replaced the internet provider recently with new WAN IP.

after changing to new IP, the inbound calls starts having problems.
every time calls come in, it rang on the phone for 2 times and message come out “your call cannot be completed as dialed”
but call can be answered, if pickup before 2 rings are end.
and outbound call are all fine.

do anyone have answer for this?
thank you


You need to be a little more clear and detailed.

The phones connect using register not peer. They use username (extension), AuthID (extension) and a password to connect which is a register trunk.

Is the UCM sitting behind a firewall and did you change the NAT settings in the UCM to reflect the IP change?


What is the ring timeout and what is the destination set?