UCM6102; ringing doesn't stop when an outside caller hang up


Hi all, I have an UCM 6102 V1.6A installed at home with some GVX3275 phones. When an outside PSTN caller hang up before someone takes the call, the ringing continues… Is there something what should I do to correct this?
I just updated to the last available Thanks for your help. JP


1./ make the incoming call go to an ivr before going to a ring / queue group
2./ check the busy tone detection on the fxo ports match the settings of your country

Those 2 will reduce if not eliminate the PSTN issue - else change to a SIP provider


Thanks Scottsip I’ll try that. I’m not really experience in that matter, but 'll try to find out. The specialist who installed that 15years ago is not available anymore to come and solve my problems.
Best regards from Belgium!


If you get stuck creating clear IVR audio - try a text to speech engine.

i have used voicemaker in the past which isnt bad


I checked the FXO FXS ports and they are correctly set to Belgium.
I’m reading the user manual to understand IVR…:wink: