UCM6102 not working


Hi there
I just bought UCM6102 from ebay and i think the seller cheating on me when i received the device and i try to set it up there is nothing on secreen at all only grean light inside the UCM6102 that’s all so is there any chance to repair the device or let it work again
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Check if the “Warranty Void” label has been cut or removed.

If it is, you’re screwed.


Try factory reset with button.


yes the Warranty Void label has been cut or removed is that mean through it in the garbage no chance to repair it


i did factory reset but nothing happen


Try ssh to UCM maybe you will see something, you need to find what fw is in unit, then you can try upgrade via Sd card (manual).


would you please tell me how to do that ssh


It can be hard as any fixing this need some knowledge.

Lets try this: plug your pc to lan port and see if you get ip.
If it is then try access ip via browser (you should open UCM page).