Ucm6100 log all dialed numbers? UPDATE SOLVED ALREADY

  • I solved my problem already by blacklisting the numbers I wanted blocked, this was recorded in the CDR which is all I wanted… Thanks for viewing!

Hi, we are using a 6102 at our moms house to block scam callers and monitor her phone usage (she recently signed up for a 4k extended warranty) We have her analog phone line plugged into FXS and her cordless analog phone into the FXO.

It works beautifully, only family members with her extension can ring her phone, and I have blocked toll free numbers by routing them to the other FXS port that has no line plugged in.

This works for my purpose, but I would like to send any calls she TRIES to dial, whether they connect or not, to the CDR… but they don’t show up.

Does the CDR only record completed calls? Is there anyway to log any and all numbers dialed by an extension either to the CDR or somewhere else?



did you update the FW?
do you have NATs open to UCM? if you did them in ACL you have no reason to worry.
about the CDR you can try to update the FW, if it’s a problem and it’s fixed, it’ll be fine.
Otherwise you need to report it to Grandstream Support, please note that UCM610X is EOL:


Thanks… I actually solved my problem by just blacklisting the numbers.


blocking output is one speech, blocking input is another speech