UCM6100 communication with HT701 and non grandstream phone


Hi all, Iam new in this forum. I have a grandstream U6100 PBX which connected with 35 HT701 and two non grandstream phone in a local wired network. The problem was, always loosing the HT701 registration with PBX after 1 week.or the PBX was rebooted.if the web page open for a particular HT701 device, showing not registered.I can call from any HT701 even it not registerd. Anybody can give the solution.


if you describe exactly the scenario, the problem and what you would like to achieve would be better


thanks for your reply. I have modified the subject little bit better. I am using the latest firmware, but unfortunately I didn’t not notice that. I can provide more information if you couldn’t catch the problem I explained


would be useful


It is a bus network (LAN) with multiple industrial switches. PBX U1600 connected with one switch and HT701 linked with to other switches.Each HT701 has its own extention. Few weeks ago everything was in live and showing all HT701 as registered in PBX webpage. After 1 week, everything goes to sleep mode and could showing as healthy in PBX page. Power reboot required for the restore registration.


Hi All,
Kindly see the below screen shots. zero configuration was perfect and worked before. now it is not registering even power rebooted.


I tried to figure out why you didn’t record?


Take an HT and connect it to the same switch that the UCM is connected to. See if that HT un-registers.

Also, use the system events in the UCM to log the loss of registration. This may help to see if the issue occurs on multiple units at or near the same time.

Check the switches and see if there is some form of power/green energy saving settings and disable.


Upgrade HT firmware, there was a lot or fixed for register.


I have setup syslog for the HT701 and retrieved in the server. Please see the image.


penultimate line quotes “zero configured disabled”


It means??.. zero config was perfect and the same HT701 was in live few days before. Do I need to reconfigure the device in zero config again. UCM6108 PBX Power rebooted manytimes .


I just highlighted how much you’ve published. Not more


After that, repeating gateway error. thats why i cropped


Thanks for your reply. let me check and confirm.


Firmware is set to download from original path.
It is incorrect, please change firmware path or set up UCM as firmware server.



Thanks Marcin. are you thinking this was a cause for the registration issue.


Hi All, Anybody can recognize why this marked number with blue circle


Please find the syslog debug file. It would be good if anyone can retrieve the issue

Syslogd_TechSupport.zip (9.3 KB)


Blue means multiple login.You can hover or clink on this to see more ip that is registered to this extension.
If this is local then switch/router must screw sip packets (if from same source) and change port for UCM incorrectly see new ip:port combination.

Zip is wrong - no logs there. try using Visual syslog server - free and you have clean txt log.
Anyway it is better to check this multiple register.