UCM Web Session Automatic Logout Timer


Is there a way to disable the web admin automatic log out?
Especially the " Call Queue Switchboard" monitoring page.
We have setup the Call Queue Switchboard on a smart TV and would like it to stay alive to continuously report the call center queue status for agents to view.
But the UCM logs off after a certain time.
Couldnt find any settings for Web Admin Session Timer. Please help!!


It is a global setting: Maintenance -> Change information -> Login Settings Tab

0 (zero) means never time out


So thats where it was hiding :slight_smile: Thanks!!


It seems the Timeout setting is for all users. It would be nice to be able to control the timeout for Admin and other users. For example we need to provide Manager Access to the Call Center Supervisor and set it for Unlimited timeout. But restrict ADMIN login to a limited time.