UCM voicemail not recording messages


I have a new install on a ucm 6204 with the latest software. I am getting a mailbox that seems to be taking your messsge but after you hang up it lights the indicator and message is there about 2 out of 5 tries. We have used 5 different cell phones and it seems very random. Any ideas?


Make sure that your voice message is 10 seconds or longer in length of conversation and retest.


Is there a timing setting? So you are thinking a message needs to be 10 seconds or longer to take?


did you leave a longer voice mail message for it to work correctly now or not?


will be back to site this morning to test.


Scott, that was it. Could not leave a message shorter than 10 seconds even though the minimum voicemail record time was at the default of three. I set to no minimum and it’s recording as it should. Thank you for the help Have not had that issue before but will put it in the notes