UCM password retrieve


Hi Support,

Is there a way to retrieve any forgotton UCM password?


Try this link


Ucm is not connected to internet or any emails setup.


In that case the only way to reset it is from the front screen of the unti


Any other methods?


The only ways to factory reset a UCM are via the Web GUI which you can’t do as you don’t have the password and haven’t set up a binding email or from the units’s screen


Only 3 ways i know of:
-Password reset to email(if configured)
-With latest firmware, there is a password reset on the LCD
-factory reset

could reach out to helpdesk.grandstream.com if emergent.


which firmware are you talking about?

Couldnt see the reset option on the LCD/



I’m not sure when it was implemented, but it is for sure in 1.0.18.x
What version are you on?


same version.

i can see under Factory Menu> Default Password which is blank.



Password is on sticker, option is to RESET :slight_smile:


thanks! i will see.