Ucm no internet connection


I’ dont can connect my ucm 6208 to internet , i tried putting up static route interface lan (my network gateway) and no working , any solution for that?

note : my port wan I use it to connect my sip trunk, because my trunk is peer type


What mode are you using in Network settings?

I believe you want dual if you are using LAN1 for SIP and LAN2 for network traffic and internet.
default interface would be set to LAN2 in this scenario.


hello Istutesman look at my configuration



I believe you will want to be in dual mode, not route mode.
This mode should correct the issue without the need for any static routes.

This allows you to connect to your SBC locally on the WAN port without disrupting the internet flow out the LAN port.


ok, I’ll try and let you know thanks friend.


hello, it’s to let you know that if it works for me now, I can get to the internet from the UCM, Thanks friend.


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the result.