UCM loosing Registrations


I’m wondering if anyone is having an issue with the UCM loosing all its registrations to the local phones on a 62xx UCM running code

Seems while we are in the UCM making changes all of the registrations in the UCM drop off and don’t come back till the phones re-register back in. The phones are still registered and can call out. I have tried to catch the behavior on a PCAP but don’t see anything strange or I’m missing the event. The fact that the phones are still registered make me lean towards some type of hardware/software issue.
I’ve seen the behavior in 2 different customers UCM’s both running the code.


I don’t have that problem, if you want you can try the new beta … 30, look at the changelog and see if it can help


I’ll give it a look through.


Enable NTP in PBX (maybe it help).


What type of changes in the UCM? Are the changes ones that require a reboot? If so, then the behavior may be correct. Looking at a phone, do they thing they are still registered?

When the phones register, they and the UCM negotiate an expiry. The expiry is when the phones are told their current registration will expire and that they will need to register again. If you take the UCM off-line, then the phone will have no knowledge of this and will still think it is registered and will continue to think so until the expiry is reached, whereupon they re-register. The UCM however, will think the phone is not registered. This may be why you are forcing the register by re-booting the phones. It is how SIP works.


The changes were for names on extensions, shouldn’t and didn’t reboot the PBX. The phones are still registered and don’t come back on line in the UCM till they re-register back in or are rebooted which I understand they wouldn’t. I can’t figure out why they all became unregistered (in the UCM) from changing a extension name. Almost seems like a backround task or process in the UCM crashes and it looses the registrations it already had. I can’t duplicate the behavior. I’ve gone back and tried to change names and it didn’t happen. Only seems to happen when we are in the UCM doing changes.
I’ll give the NTP a try.


what model are the phones? is keep alive on for the extensions? i see random extensions losing registration without the keep alive, but not all the extensions. Power saving mode in cisco switches has caused issues with phones not ringing.
some times the UCM and all the phones just need to be rebooted after changes so they all catch up and get on the same registrations and subscriptions, I have wondered about the setting that says to unregister on reboot, if that would help the odd registration mismatches I run into. sometimes i just reboot everything before I believe the issue is real.


Data partition is not full ?


Data Partition is not full, The phones are GXP 2160. I don’t have keep alive on. Its the ucm that shows the phone unregistered the phone itself is still registered.


sounds like a timing issue, the ucm is expiring the reg before the phone expires, change the phones reg timer to 5 minutes instead of the default 60 minute and see if that improves the reliability


Thanks I’ll try that next. It only seems to happen when I’m in making changes to the config. Friday it happened again when provisioning a new phone on the network through the Zero config.


I pushed myself with the same, I never found the reason. Now I don’t see this, perhaps because I rarely make changes


I have opened the ticket up with support who has verified the issue. Once they come back with something I will update the thread.