UCM Integration


As I understand it, the long term plan is to be be able to manage UCMs from GDMS. I can appreciate how complex this task is and how much work it will take to successfully get full UCM integration into the GDMS.

That being said, I believe a necessary first step into UCM = GDMS integration that is needed now is the ability to import/sync the extension configuration information (ext, auth ID, password, UCM IP/FQDN) from the UCM to GDMS.

I use UCMs as my VoIP server for my clients. Under the current setup I am going to have to manually transcribe or import this info in order to configure the GDMS managed phones at the start, and as I add/change/remove extensions on the UCM.

IMHO, this should be something given priority in the GDMS implementation road map.


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

The suggestions and improvements are very nice for GDMS platform, and we will evaluate the features and consider to add the improvements in the future release.

Thank you!


@GSSupport74, this particular feature really needs to be in place at the start of going live if it is to have value to Grandstream’s installed base. Otherwise it may come too late to be of much use…


Dear drostoker,

Thanks a lot for your feedback for GDMS platform! I already sent this suggestion to our GDMS developers and we will consider to implement this feature in the future release.

Thank you!