UCM Emails not displaying picture at top, displays large blank space


Is there a way for me to edit the HTML on the emails that are being sent out? Currently all emails coming from the UCM do not display the picture that you have placed at the top of the template. It just has a large space for the photo, with no photo.

Outlook gives an error of “If there are problems with how this message is displayed, click here to view it in a web browser.”

Please see the attached photo of what we receive.

Edit: We are on a UCM6510 using Office365 to send and receive the emails.

Email teamplate in mail programs

Is outlook set to display graphics and pictures? Look in the Outlook settings in the trust center.


Thanks for the response. I checked the settings and it is already set to automatically download pictures in HTML email messages. Other messages with photos from other vendors show fine in outlook. It’s just the UCM that is having issues.