UCM does not reregister trunk after power failure


The setup is as follows: Hitron Cable modem (power via outlet) <-> GWN700) (POE) <-> Netgear ProSafe POE Switch (power via outlet) <-> UCM6204 (POE).

When the power failed, everything goes down (even with UPS it will go down due to outage duration).

When power is restored everything will boot up. Everything connects. However, the VoIP trunks do not re-register.

Everything else works as expected.

Port xxxx for SIP is open from the ITSP’s IP to the UCM.

How can I get the system to restore without further human intervention?


Normally it should re-register as soon as network is available. Maybe, when the power comes back, if the UCM powers on faster than the modem or router, maybe the Internet isn’t kicking off early enough and the UCM stops trying.

Mine did that recently when my VPN wasn’t up at boot time.


Do you have heartbeat detection enabled in the advanced tab on the trunk?


Yes, I have it activated. It didn’t make a difference. Neither did hard coding the open port on the GWN7000.