UCM Devices Mounting External Network Storage



Just purchased the UCM6510. I see that I can add a local USB flash drive for storage.

Is there a way to mount a NAS and use this as a storage point for recordings, etc?

If so, and as a follow up - can i point faxes to storage location rather than email? Healthcare facilities CAN NOT email faxes as this is not HIPAA compliant. I do not see this as an option now.

Can we make feature requests?



USB - yes.

No, but you can backup recording in daily basis to SFTP.

FAX - yes, they are stored not only sent via email always.


You may have fail on spinning up a USB powered external hard drive. The power to the USB from the UCM is limited. Get an External SSD or large USB stick.

Faxes are saved on the UCM


Don’t get me started on the whole HIPPA/FAX thing (like a random person couldn’t be standing at the FAX machine). I digress.

The short version is that an admin (not the individual users) can log into the box and download FAXes. Not very HIPPA compliant.

I wish Grandstream would let end user extensions log in and see their own FAXes.


good point. Once GS gets the fax to email bug sorted out eventfully ( still no go on 17.16 from my tests) then accessing the server becomes irrelevant.