UCM Call Recording



Is there any way to send the call recording to another server as soon as we hang up the call.


I would think if you had them stored your recordings on something like this:
SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick - 256GB

Then you could literally any major cloud provider point its backup folder location being this networked flash drive.
For example, Google Drive and OneDrive both allow a single direction sync, so you could periodically just wipe the flashdrive when it gets near to full without losing the backed up files…

May not be the best option but its a possibility?


Record to NAS/Server (SMB1) if you have one then you can do what you want.
Also there is API for recording and CDR.


Thanks. i was hoping for a simpler way to have them go out from the local SD Card storage.


SD is asking for trouble, This card go down fast as they are not considered to use with so many operation.