UCM Call forwarding not Working?


Using 6302 on latest FW, which was released as final in the past day or so.

It appears that the call forwarding functions located in the features section of the extensions within the UCM are not functioning as one might expect if find me/follow me is enabled.

My inbound rules point directly to extension 1000. There are two phones associated to the extension. I have a call forward unconditional for anytime set to send a call to the voicemail box of 1002 which does have VM enabled. I also have find me/follow me set to ring an external number as well. However, when a call is made, the system appears to ignore both the call forward and the FM/FM rules and just rings the extension.

I have tested trying different presence statuses and different destinations, but the call always rings the associated extensions and never follows the rules, be it the call forwarding or FM/FM.

I recognize that the result is there are two rule sets in play, but my expectation is that the presence function when set to available would take precedence over FM/FM and especially so when set to CFU, anytime.

If I disable the FM/FM function, then the call forwarding works as advertised.

I don’t know if this is a bug or by design as my expectation of one side having precedence may not be correct. I think it does pose some issues as there is no warning that when setting a call forward that if FM/FM is set and a forward is implemented that neither will work.

What say all of you?


Its easier to set the forward via the handset if one is connected.
Otherwise try theese settings

“PBX Settings” -
“General” tab = Turn off “Enable Diversion Header”
“ToS” tab = enable “Send Remote Party ID” & “Send Remote Party ID”

Another possible work around
Forward 1000 to an unused spare extn. e.g 1020
Under 1020s features, “ring simultaneously” fields, enter the number to fwd to.


Sorry, but I do not enable call features in the phone as there are other settings that users have accidentally engaged.

My question is not so much how to do, but rather whether or not FM/FM should have the impact that it does? The two settings appear not to play nice together and I think it a stretch that when a CFU is implemented that the system does not do the CFU and in-turn breaks the FM/FM function and just rings the extension as if neither function is implemented.