UCM Backup issues, .17 and .19


Anyone else have .17 6510s that will not backup? Then moved them up to .19 - same.
Also brand new install today on .19. Will back up to the SD card, but not the USB. Attempting to backup to the USB hangs the programming session and locks you out.


No, but I can say that I had a USB in a 6202 yesterday and for some reason I have to leave the format at FAT32. I tried NTFS and it hung, or at least I think it did as it seemed to be taking fooooreeevvverr to do. I asked the client to obtain an SD card as that is all I ever use as I fear that when one needs a USB stick and one is not handy, the odds rise that the one in the UCM will somehow disappear. In any event, while I could backup on the USB,. the client finally got an SD card and I was able to format it to NTFS and also back up to it. What I noticed is that due to the faster write time of the SD, the backup was ~3X faster when using the SD.