UCM Asterisk version



a question I can’t find an answer to,
does anyone know which version of Asterisk UCMs are using?
(61xx - 62xx - 6510)


verion 8 or 9 on 1.0.9.x and below
version 13 I believe after 1.0.10.x


on Asterisk we are at 16.3, I hope that UCM uses at least the 15, although I understand that the 15 has some serious problems


I’d go straight to a helpdesk ticket to verify this type of info.


As @lstutesman said, the last public announcement form Grandstream told us they were upgrading to Asterisk 13. That upgrade required a database rebuild if I recall as well as a backup and restore of the system.

AFAIR they never said anything after that about doing any Asterisk version upgrade.


Still 13, 15 is major upgrade again.