UCM and Beronet Problems


Well here’s goes.
I have a UCM 6202 with a 4 xport Beronet ISDN converter on it.
We have no incoming cli on the trunks it just says anonymous,we also can’t pass DTMF signals through it so can’t have the IVR turned on.
The BLF keys on the 2170 handsets only work with the handset in the cradle but work fine on 1630 handsets.
On the incoming ring group you can record a greeting as a wav file and have it play to incoming callers ( again this doesn’t work ) if I call the group 510 internally it functions as it should but does not work for incoming calls.

Surely I can’t be the only dealer having these issues with this hardware, the site has 10 x handsets on it and between myself and the distributor we have spent over 13 hours on site and it still doesn’t work.
The margins are tight on this kit anyway and after spending so long trying to make a basic system work I’ve completely lost faith in the product.
Grand stream from what I have found have no real testing of the product it’s like as installers we are the Guinea pigs and every fault is greeted with oh we will pass it back to the manufacturer…!!


I’ve used the Beronet BRI and PRI gateways with 6102, 6202, 6204 and they work well with minimal setup. ALl I do is create a trunk on the UCM which terminates on the Beronet, call traffic comes through and it just works.
What fw is your UCM on


Pretty much every issue that you mentioned is about a bad configuration between the gateway and the UCM.

So you need to share your settings about the “VoIP trunk” that you created in the UCM with the settings of the gateway and what you put on the gateway.

About the BLF, it looks like the handsets might not be fully rested in the cradle (not pressing the hook).


Hello, sorry but that could be possible to have a little pdf or demo to improve correctly beronet TO gateway on 6510 ? I am surprised that anything has already existing.
Thank You.


I have make the configuration, but i don’t have incoming calls… The outgoing calls are OK. I have try to edit the incoming routes… But nothing to do, no one incoming call…
Have you an idea to help me…
For the moment : the communication beetween BERONET and UCM6510 are ok, i have connect with a trunk register. Only one thing is special on bero i have this screen : why the status is RED ?

And i have try all this incoming routes :

I have try to change this parameter but same problem


Thank you


You need to use a peer trunk between the UCM and the gateway.


I confirm, you have to set it in peer.


I began with this configuration… But where do you put the user and password fot the BERO ? When you use PEER : you have :

  • CallerID Name
  • Caller ID
  • From Domain
    If you go in advanced settings, i don’t see more ?
    Thank you and sorry if it’s bad question …


You don’t need a username and password…just the ip address


I look the log : and the BERO send the 4 last digits only : when i change my incoming route it’s OK… I have to search now, where change to have all the digits for DID for example

S CANCEL|REQUEST: from=“0616932XXXX” anonymous192.168.2.1, to= “” XXXX@
I DISCONNECT|INDICATION: port=1, channel=1, dad=0485, oad=616932XXX cause=16 (Normal call clearing)
S INVITE|REQUEST: from=“061693XXXX” anonymous192.168.2.1, to= “” XXXX@

Thank you very much for all


ISDN providers rarely send all the digits on the trunk. In the UK we receive 6 by default but can ask the provider to send more or less.
In your case I suspect the beronet is sending 4 digits because thats all it receives from the trunk. If you need more than 4 you need to ask the provider to send them.