we have problems with provision, can you tell us how to check and try to download the configuration files?


other place over SWITCH/GATEWAY, example:
GXP21XX-> can ping LAN: YES!
GXP21XX-> can tracert LAN: YES!
GXP21XX-> can a provision LAN: NO!!!

My PC can ping/tracert LAN:> YES!
So, i can request on my browser

we need to understand what the problem is, there is access, the Internet is only local.

If we can download the config file and understand that the station is working - but we will know that there is a problem with the telephones



Have you already created the extensions on the UCM?

What happens if you take one of the GXP telephones and connect it to the same network segment as the UCM (so that the telephone gets a 192.168.2.x address)?

Are you familiar with using Grandstream’s Zero Config feature?



the problem is that telephone devices do not receive provision, if you pay attention to the versions of devices on Android we get the error invalid magic provision, now we have silence in the logs and we don’t know why

we have a problem receiving settings from the station


What are you trying to do? Is this all new equipment being installed for the first time? Are you adding telephones to a working UCM?



let’s skip these steps and work with provision, syslog and Grandstream which returns the status OK provision and also gxp16xx returns can’t connecting to server Ucm63xx provision


GXP16XX could not download (couldn’t connect to server)

But ICMP, traceroute is working to


If you want to work directly with a provisioning file, then I suggest that you contact Grandstream’s customer support for assistance.

I used the Zero Config feature and had no problems.
I just remembered that the Zero Config feature only works on the LAN segment that is local to the UCM.



the problem was that FW and ZeroConfig-Whitelist-CIDR was not configured




The main problem was FireWall!


Problem with FW on UCM

  1. P-parameters work only in the CUSTOM section, the other items are not valid - you specify them, but they do not work!!!
  2. Invalid Magic on Android Devices PROVISION!
  3. UCM6202 -> ZC -> GDS3710:
  • LOCAL PORT SIP = it is value for SIP ACCOUNT #2 -> SIP PORT!