UCM 6510 ad PRI


I am still playing some catch up but what I am trying to do Im not sure if my vendor is telling the truth. I am getting what they call Enterprise Trunking 23 (FIBER) qty 2. To me that sounds like I will have two separate PRI lines to connect up to. I have asked him and he said no all 46 lines/numbers will come in on one pri connection. Either way does the UCM6510 support 46 lines on a single T! connection and if i is two separate lines is there any appliance I can put in front of the UCM6510 so I could still use it?


So I talked to one of the engineers and its two separate lines. So the UCM6510 will not work. I did see a post about using a Digium G200 and then sip out the numbers to any of the grandstream pbxes. Is this still a valid solution?


By definition, no, A full PRI is 23 voice channel and 1 signal channel. You will need another PRI interface of which GS is in the beta test phase of their device; otherwise a different make. you may to get the provider to clarify the interface into the PBX.


Thanks for the info on the possible new GS device. Any idea when it will be coming out. I have about 4 months before the fiber and pri will be ready.


I believe the digium solution will work. Speak with @lstutesman at N2V Solutions. I believe they sell Digium as well as GS.


Just to clarify. Have you asked the provider for SIP over a dedicated circuit? Shaw, in Canada has great prices.


Yes, digium has boxes that convert PRI to SIP as well as many other options. It’s about $1000 each though.
Does your provider offer SIP instead of a PRI?