UCM 63xx voice prompt PT-PT


Hi All

I need you help, to understand how I can create a new voice prompt or correvt some of the messages in the UCM
The language PT in the UCM is PT-BR and the client need the language to be PT-PY.

The example is the message in the Queue that informes the position in the queue or the time estimated time to be attendant is in PT-BR or in eng in the default mode, but the client needs to be in the PT-PT

Were I can change that audio messages ? I already explore the Call Prompt Tones but I don’t know what fiel to change. And it seams to be in other place because we have to change also the audio of the “minutes” etc…
That’s why I think to be better to have de audio files and change them.





Hi damiano70,

Thanks! I will going to try!


You need to create a language pack if it isnt created already. That was semi straight forward in the 62xx/65xx UCMs I do not know what is required in a 63xx series as I do not have a demo of that.

Language packs for asterisk can be found at the following link - hopefully they help.