Ucm 63xx high availability over network


Not sure if I’m posting in the right section or not.

I have a ucm 6201 set up and running and I bought a 6302 as an upgrade. Looking at the documentation I’m wondering if I can send the heartbeat port over a isolated vlan to put 2 units in high availability mode remote from each other. Or if they need to be directly connected via the ethernet connection.

Thanks for any help or suggestions


Hi Bruce,

Please explain your high availability configuration / diagram with the components that you are using.


I’m hoping to use a pair of ucm 6302 pbx units. Primary unit on a ubiquiti dream machine pro, secondary unit on a remote ubiquiti dream machine with a vpn between them. 2 vlans would be pushed through the VPN one for the phone system, and one for the heartbeat ports isolated from any wan.

Essentially what I’m trying to figure out is if the heartbeat ports use any standard network protocol, or if they use proprietary communication methods.


I think it is only a standard ICMP request, but the guru’s here might know.


Here a video about the setup in Spanish

Aqui un video en Español sobre como configurar esta función.


I have not even configured a HA local Lan solution as yet, but this is an interesting scenario.
I don’t think you need 2 VLANS because primary UCM, secondary UCM and the HA cluster Ip need to be on the same subnet and need to see each other so 2 VLANs will I think cause an issue.Also the UCM cannot be set up in Dual mode only switch and router mode for HA so you have to give some thought to your IP addressing on both sites.
keen to see if you get this to work but there is one requirement that is both ucm must be connected to the heartbeat port via a cable this sort of indicates this may not be able to work unless you can get a physical connection to the heartbeat port… but again they provide port number for the heart beat port 9527 which indicates TCP/IP communication via heartbeat port so it seems like it’s possible best way is to try it out I guess