UCM 6301 (Beta) Firmware causes high CPU


Just a quick heads up for you all, the latest beta firmware seems to throw the CPU usage up massively. I like putting the latest beta firmware on whenever I can and therefore loaded up about 24 hours ago to give it a try.

Initially everything seemed okay and I thought I would run with, this morning I was sitting in the office where the UCM 6301 resides and I could keep hearing the fan kicking in and out in 5 minute cycles roughly. Initially I just put it down to the high temperatures we are getting in the UK at the moment. This afternoon I investigated further and the CPU utilisation was going up and down crazily, anything between 30% and 80% (when it usually sits steady at 17%).

I downgraded to about 2 hours ago and everything has normalised with a general 17% utilisation once again (it is not a highly utilised system with just 5 SIP accounts, 1 analogue line and 3 phones).


Thank you for the warning let’s see who else experiences this but I am not trying it :joy:

#3 is released as offical on June 13th. I am running it on several UCM6302 and UCM6308 units and have not noticed high CPU usage. I did not run this beta release on any of my PBX’s. You might try the offical release and see if that makes any difference. Just a thought.


The fw version is a single version, there is no beta version and stable version, the number certainly distinguishes the version which can initially be beta, then becomes stable.
If the release number values ​​do not change during the transition from beta to stable, it means that there is no difference. This applies to any product from any vendor.


Not seeing any CPU spikes.


I stated is an “Official” version or that is the term Grandstream used when they announced it recently. Either way I have loaded on about a dozen UCM630x’s and have not seen any cpu issues.


This is not unlike what I experienced and reported here: https://forums.grandstream.com/t/ucm6301-system-status-high-cpu/52119/12

I rebuilt the system from scratch and the problem hasn’t reoccurred. Perhaps something to do with systems that were upgraded from a previous version?