UCM 62XX to handle about 100 exts



Hi guys, I need a suggestion about which UCM62XX I should choose to handle a 15 ch sip trunk and 100 exts. approx., with low traffic. Thanks.


You should also consider the kinds of tasks the UCM will be performing. Call recording, call cues, what things might be managed by the phone system that require processing power?

Personally, even though the 62 XX series should be able to manage what you’re asking for, I recommend you look at the 6510.

Data sheets for both can be found by simply Googling “grandstream UCM 6200 datasheet” or 6510 datasheet.

The data sheets will provide specific numbers regarding the number of sip trunks, simultaneous phone calls, extensions, and possibly relevant for you, how many people in a conference bridge and how many conference Bridges / UCM.


UCM6202 should handle easy if you have low traffic (to max 50 calls). No need 6510, it is overshoot by leagues.
Unless you need HA (UCM63xx look like it will have HA for all models)


Ok guys, I will check the datasheets in order to see the limits but as Marcin says it will manage low trafic, no more than 20 simultaneous calls and perhaps some station recording. Nevertheless I must leave some margin for punctual situations like a video call between gswave stations or fax reception with UCM server. I was trying to decide between UCM6204 or 08. Another point I have to consider Is the network impact, I think it won’t be a problem, what’s your opinion? Thanks


You really need to be more specific as you initially indicated 15Ch and 100 ext with low traffic. Now it has expanded to video, fax and recording. Will you do SRTP as this decreases the call flow by some significant amount?

The network traffic is totally dependent on how many calls at a given time and what type - video or audio and the codec used. As an example, each audio call will consume 86Kbs in each direction if using g711 or g722 (for a safety margin and ease of planning say 100Kbs) so this means only 1.5Mb if all 15 are in progress at the same time. If video, then it depends on what resolution you want which could be 1024, 2048Mbs or other per vid call, so you can see that it could be 30+Mbs.


You’re wright, let me explain. The customer, nowadays, only knows he wants to throw away 3 analog keysystems that handle call traffic to 3 diferent sectors of the company, all disconnected from each other, and replace them with one unique IP solution.
At the moment the customer doesn´t know if he will use all the features that GS offers but as I know the compmany´s operations I´m sure I will have to implement fax server with very little traffic, no more than 10 voice mails, eventually 2 or 3 extension recordings, 3 IVRs and no more than 10 GS wave. At the time most of them have cellular phones to communicate each other that´s why the traffic is low. What´s your opinion?


+1 agree personally I with use 6510 for anything above 50 users


Usually estimate for need is 1/4 people who have phone will talk in peak (usual !!!)
So 15 calls is correct estimate.
But this get mess when someone go queue or IVR as then even not answered call is call for UCM already(it need pickup call for messages). UCM62054 should be more then enough for this, but more precise info we get more precise minimum we can give as @lpneblett said.


@JuanRicardo My rule of thumb would be to always go for the “most” box you can afford because then you partially cover future growth. I have 6202, 6204 and 6208 in my fleet. All work well but it’s easy to see how you could quickly overwhelm one of the smaller boxes if things suddenly get busy or if you throw video at it. I have the 6208 at my main site and it is going to handle 35+ extensions plus all of the initial call routing. That said, I’ve run a Call Centre for a telethon off a 6202 and it did brilliantly handling the call queue, playing the longish greeting and properly keeping the agents busy (10 agents plus “Call Boss”). And, as @lpneblett has pointed out, there are lots of variables to consider.


Ok, @Telecomsolutions, @Marcin, @robertd, I can also tell my customer to take the decision between 6204, 6208 or 65xx, informig the capabilities of each one, after all it is also a price issue; all models will work now but I´m not a magician to know if he will grow or go bankrupt.
Another doubt is about priorizing traffic at switch level, for voice I have to activate QoS, and for video? I think installed switches do not have this capability because are basic ones.


Video can use same QOS (Diff-serv)


Ok, thanks