UCM 62xx incoming call phone notification



Hello !!!
I want to ask about incoming call notification .
I have a UCM 6202 with 20 GPX2130 ipphones
I want to ask if it possible to notify all phones for incoming call without ringing .
for example i have an extension no. 102 with external no. XXXXXXX102 when this phone have inbound call then to all other phones apears in screen XXXXXXXXXX -> 102 without ringing .

I dont know if i can do this to UCM or to IPPhones .
Thanks in advance .

PS -> This is my first Topic :smiley:


To a degree, yes, set the ringer volume down to its lowest level. I am not sure if this silent, but you can try it and see.

You could also possibly upload a ringtone of silence to the phone.


Hello Ipneblett !
thanks for fast reply :smiley:

I am not sure if you understand or if i write it wrong :confused:
Calls gone direct to ext no. 102 and i want to notify the other phones like this XXXXXXXX -> 102
XXXXXXXXXX is the incoming call number
102 is the extension

thanks !


Use a BLF, they blink when the other extensions are ringing, but the phone doesn’t ring if that extension isnt’ set up on it.


Sorry… I think I get it now, and the answer is no. You can use a BLF to monitor the extension to see if it is busy, but it will not inform as to the caller number connecting to the other extension.


Thank you very much for replies :slight_smile:
so to inform other extensions about the caller number is not possible .
BLF is a good choice but i want a group not a single extension .
Is any other way to inform the other extensions for the extension having the external incoming call ?

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:


BLF on each phone using an EVENTLIST.


Thanks Ipneblett i try it today :wink: