UCM 62xx Custom Tags and matching for ringtones



Got a good one for ya!

Here is the issue as simply as I can say it.
My calls won’t all ring the way my customer wants(listed at the bottom)

2 sites
peered trunk between them over a vpn
latest firmware on everything

-I want calls coming in (SIP Trunk)to site A to ring at both sites, but have a different ring than the default at site B

-I want extension to extension calls from site A to ring different than default at site B, but not the same as the first rule.

-I want the same thing in reverse going from Site B to Site A as well.

I have attached a diagram to show this next part (color coded)

Right now it is set up like this.

At site A:
A call comes into site A and receives a custom tag of Alpha(orange) on the inbound route.
Extension at site A are 1xxx (purple)

At site B:
A call into site B receives similar tag of Beta(orange)
Extensions at site B are 2xxx(red)

phones at site B are told:

if Beta use default ring
if 1xxx use ring 2
if Alpha use ring 3

The issue is that the original tag on system A does not carry through the peered trunk to system B and vice versa.
Beta will use default
1xxx will use ring 2
Alpha rings default because it has no tag

The workaround(circled in blue)
I have re-tagged calls from site A on the inbound route of the UCM at site B with Alpha(green)
this however overrides the extension number of 1xxx(purple)

All these issues are the same in reverse as well from site B to A

What I am after:

(from site B’s perspective)
I want all 3 types of calls to have a different ring


By Alpha and beta you mean SIP trunks (i assume yes).

Also you can any incoming call from tag in Inbound with desired TAG, it is not working ?
As far i can see simply make 2 TRUNKS between alpha and beta.
One for 1xxx to 2xxx
Second for trunks.
Both trunk different alert info.

This should fix your problem. As i do not know end point devices no more i can help.