UCM 6208 Suddenly no outgoing calls - Please Help



Outgoing calls are not working. Please help.

System Information

UCM6208 V1.3A

Part Number

Version Information

1)Everything was working and it suddenly stop working
2)VoIP trunks are listed as registered
3)Calls can be received, incoming calls are working and get listed in the active call section
4)Outgoing calls are not getting listed in the active call section at all, nothing shows up
5)After 10 seconds users get the message “all circuits are busy now”
6)All extension are properly registered with the PBX
7)PBX has been rebooted twice from console
8)PBX can ping internal network and internet
9)Internal call are working fine
10)Systems events are active but no new events are listed

Please advice


Have you called the VoIP provider? I’ve seen the same issue with two different sip providers during an outage.


Also, can you send a package capture?


Has ANYTHING on the network been altered, changed, or added recently.
Hardware changes
Firmware updates
New employee

I would check:

-PBX-SIP-NAT “external host” (make sure public IP is listed here)
-firewall forwards are still correctly in place
-SIP ALG is off(on firewall)

Then I would do a packet capture and see what the traffic looked like on a failed call.


costwisewpg, Istutesman thanks for your response.

Yes there was a change, one of our technicians change the value of the TEL URI in the SIP Trunk settings and didn’t document properly the change.

Moral of the story document, document and document properly.

My apologies and again thanks!!!


awesome, glad you found it!