Ucm 6208 + patton sn 4131


yes , i’m agree with you , i’m working on patton configuration…


Hi @Ipneblett ,
now the call arrive to UCM , i create 2 Queues , the first keep call 120 second if nobody answert the call will be passed to the second Queue that keep the call 600 second after that hang up.

I’m trying to call my ISDN number, call arrive to UCM to the first Queue , after 5 second i close the call , but the call remain in the queue for about 20 second and the extension of the agent continue to ringing for that time.

How can I reduce this delay between end of call and exit from the queue?


Check packets, how fast Patton sent Bye packet to UCM.


this is the Patton log , start call at 15:08 , close conversation at 15:15 , BYE packet are sent at 15:45 and agent excentions stop ringing , the problem is on the patton , true?
Sip_log_forum.zip (3.2 KB)


Yes or provider, but i would guess Patton as it detect disconnect 15.


Hi ,
I have 3 ISDN Line + 1 Patton , only one number ( of the 3 Lines) has been given to external user , so the 3 ISDN line are are configured in automatic search , I have 6 line but one of that 6 line must be ever free , otherwise users that call us could receive busy tone if we use to call all the 6 lines , ok , that setting is just configured on ISDN line ( from our provider) or i need to specify that on Voip Trunk->Advantage Setting-> The Maximum Number of Call Lines ? ( I need to specify 5?)



Yes, this is outband call limits.Call from UCM to Patton.


ok, Thanks !


Also you never have more then 1 incoming call ?
Busy is always possible with so limited calls.


Yes is possible that i have one or more then 1 incoming call , i think that this tipe of configuration should be at ISDN line level not on patton or UCM . The 3 Boxes that manage the ISDN lines should configured that one of the six lines should be ever free , otherwise the call never arrive at the queues…are you agree with me?


If possible you should have SIP trunk provider for outgoing, if you can have same provider then you can ask to mask outgoing number from ISDN.

Also configuration depend which is more important: Incoming or outgoing calls
You need check peak amount of incoming calls, then you must limit outgoing that peak is keep free.